Florida tells the fedcoats, “Hands Off!”

Yesterday, the Florida Legislature passed House Memorial 545 which urges the U.S. Congress and the President to protect your constitutional right to keep and bear arms. A memorial is a special form of concurrent resolution addressed to an executive agency or another legislative body, usually the Congress, that expresses the sentiment of the Florida Legislature on a matter outside its legislative jurisdiction. While a memorial, has no teeth nor force of law, it does go on record to stress the mood of the Legislature toward injurious actions, actual and/or perceived by the Congress toward the State. (Among the various States, this machinery has been used in the past to legitimize and/or protect Indian Tribes petitioning the U.S. government for nation status.)  A portion of HM 545 reads as such:

…it is the sense of the Legislature that the proposals  of the President of the United States to restrict the arms available to law-abiding citizens violate the United States Constitution and that the Legislature, on behalf of the government and citizens of the state, hereby notifies the Congress and the President that it intends to lawfully use all  of its authority and power to resist or overturn any federal gun control measure that violates the right of the people of this state to keep and bear arms.

The memorial overwhelmingly passed yesterday in the Florida House of Representatives. Although it passed, HM 545 is important for two reasons:

1) For one, it sheds some light on those individuals who take our Constitutional rights seriously and will most likely continue to fight for them in the future. As usual though, we must be vigilant and watch those who are in Tallahassee serving us. 

2) Secondly, it conversely shows those Florida Representatives who have no regard for our rights as Floridians to keep and bear arms. These individuals must go into the trash can of history. If they are your representative, I strongly urge you to contact them and kindly let them know that you do not approve of their vote, their philosophy, and will be doing everything possible to see them un-seated.

Below is a copy of the vote. Please take the time to see how your representative voted:

Y Adkins N Danish N Jones, M. Y Porter
Y Ahern Y Davis N Jones, S. N Powell
Y Albritton Y Diaz, J. N Kerner Y Precourt
N Antone Y Diaz, M. Y La Rosa N Pritchett
Y Artiles Y Dudley N Lee Y Raburn
Y Baxley Y Eagle Y Magar N Rader
N Berman Y Edwards Y Mayfield N Rangel
Y Beshears Y Fasano Y McBurney Y Raschein
Y Bileca Y Fitzenhagen N McGhee Y Raulerson
Y Boyd Y Fresen Y McKeel Y Ray
N Bracy N Fullwood Y Metz – Reed
Y Brodeur Y Gaetz Y Moraitis – Rehwinkel Vasilinda
Y Broxson N Gibbons N Moskowitz Y Renuart
Y Caldwell Y Gonzalez Y Nelson N Richardson
N Campbell Y Goodson Y Nuñez Y Roberson, K.
N Castor Dentel Y Grant Y Oliva Y Rodrigues, R.
N Clarke-Reed Y Hager Y O’Toole N Rodríguez, J.
Y Clelland Y Harrell N Pafford N Rogers
Y Coley Y Holder Y Passidomo Y Rooney
Y Combee Y Hood Y Patronis N Rouson
Y Corcoran Y Hooper Y Perry Y Santiago
Y Crisafulli Y Hudson Y Peters N Saunders
N Cruz Y Hutson Y Pigman Y Schenck
Y Cummings Y Ingram Y Pilon N Schwartz
Total Yeas: 81 Total Nays: 36 Total Missed: 2 Total Votes: 117

You can contact your representative here: http://www.myfloridahouse.gov/Sections/Representatives/representatives.aspx