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April 29

Golden Circle Introduction

Most people generally teach American history using either one or two story lines. The first is the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock and the subsequent civilization that was birthed out of that colony. The ancestors of these Pilgrims, have gone on pursuing one moral crusade after the other such as religious freedom, abolition, feminism, gay […]

April 27

Honour thy Ancestors with your Actions

From little up, I have been trained to honour the memory of my ancestors. Many of them were Confederate soldiers. One of them even rode with the warrior Nathan Bedford Forrest. I have been to the battlefields where they fought and I have stood on that same hallowed ground where they bravely overcame immeasurable odds. […]

April 18

Florida tells the fedcoats, “Hands Off!”

Yesterday, the Florida Legislature passed House Memorial 545 which urges the U.S. Congress and the President to protect your constitutional right to keep and bear arms. A memorial is a special form of concurrent resolution addressed to an executive agency or another legislative body, usually the Congress, that expresses the sentiment of the Florida Legislature on […]

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