What Are We Waiting For?


What Are We Waiting For?

Our situation in Florida is akin to a 35-year-old bachelor still living in his parent’s home. What I mean is that Florida has all the necessary means to live a satisfying independent life but yet we still hibernate in the basement of arrested development. Perhaps this is a poor analogy though. After all, The States gave birth to the federal government. Now our child has become the quintessential tyrant. A better analogy is that our beloved Florida is a battered wife and the federal government is a deadbeat. We keep thinking that if we just give him more time, he will come around. He can be reformed. I know he can. He promised that he would never hit me again. If we just elect this U.S. Senator, or that U.S. congressional representative. If we could just elect the next “liberty-minded” U.S. President- then he could fix everything. If we could just grow a third party then we would have a chance at reform.

Mobsters are not reformists.

Before anyone moves out of their parent’s house the first question they ask themselves is “Can I afford this?” Florida cannot only afford independence, but as our country, we would actually be wealthier. We would thrive. For every dollar that we send to the fedcoats in D.C., we only get .90 cents back. We are then told what to spend it on, where to do it, and when to do it. This is our money that we earned and generated here in Florida. In 2010, Florida had a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 747.7 billion dollars. Compared to the approximately 192 nations of the earth this would place Florida very favourably at around #19 on the list. This would place us above such Western nations as Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, and even the insanely rich nation of Saudi Arabia. Florida’s economic strength would make for a very viable independent nation.

How much more evidence do we require to realize that we should be free from the federal Empire? The news is filled everyday with “un-constitutional” intrusions into our State affairs. Our time and energy is precious. Let us not waste it on futile attempts to reform the mobsters of Babylon. Let us foster an environment where we can discuss how to arrive at a free and independent Florida. In the coming months and years we here at RFT intend to demonstrate how to “visioneer” Florida’s Independence.