January 23

Well That Definitely Was NASTY!!

I am specifically referring to Ashley Judd among some who spoke “nastiness” at the “Women’s March” recently. Not only did her “pep talk” not make any sense to me it was downright shameful coming from a female who is supposed to be a daughter of the South. Then again, I suppose I would have to be a liberal PC ass kissing feminist lesbian to truly understand where she is coming from.

January 21

Birds of a Feather

How is a Yankee man who gets sworn in on Lincoln’s Bible, in front of the demonic Temple of Lincoln, going to ever move the South closer to secession and independence?

January 12

Racism Started with Forced Reconstruction on The South, NOT Dylann Roof…

You are all blind clueless sheep who think that Dylann Roof started a racial divide in the empire. Each of you need a reality check, a true history lesson, and possibly a good swift kick in the ass. Pull your heads out of your asses long enough to see that this is EXACTLY the Agenda that the main stream Jew/ Liberal/ PC controlled media wants you to believe and your following right along with it as planned.

October 18

Identity Theft

Any TRUE Southron, who has Southron blood running through their veins has a sense of honour and integrity. There is NOTHING honourable about manipulation and lying!! There is NOTHING honourable about stealing and using something as your own!!

July 10

Christian Marriage Demonstration in Alabama

By Tex Wood On Sunday, June 26th, 2016 an assortment of transsexuals, perverts, lesbians and sodomites paraded through the streets of Montgomery Alabama to spread open acceptance of their sexual lives. As news of the chaotic parade spread just over a dozen League of the South activists who had been camping and kayaking nearby led […]

July 10

Thank you 13th Amendment for this Species of Idiots

We can thank abolitionists, Lincoln, the “union,” and of course the 13th Amendment that was illegally ratified on December 6, 1865 for all the devastation and lawlessness that has befallen the South and the North these past few days.

July 08

Singing of Dixie- 2016 LS Conference

As the Southern people- we are a folk, a nation of people living within an empire. Dixie is our national anthem and this abbreviated rendition was done at the League of the South National Conference in June of 2016. Embrace your culture love your people- join us!

July 04

Independence Day-The Declaration of Occupation

You will be cheering, setting off fireworks, celebrating and honouring your very own occupiers and murders of our OWN people! The same destroyers that only 153+ years ago tried to erase all sign of a southern culture. The same destroyers that even NOW… STILL are trying to erase our only remaining Southern heritage, monuments, and any resemblance of our Southern culture left.

July 02

Where are all the Southern Sons?

Motherland, Dixie, is crying out, “Where are my Southern sons, why have they deserted me”! Once you can liberate your mind from fear of the Empire, and the conditioning of “America” maybe we will have a chance.

July 01

1st Annual Bonnie Blue Festival

On September 24, 2016, proud Southerner’s will gather at the corner of Brandford Hwy (247) and 90 in Lake City, FL. We will proudly display our beautiful Bonnie Blue Flag in honour of the victory of the 1810 Kemper Rebellion in Baton Rouge. Time for demonstration: TBD On September 25, 2016, we will have a […]

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